Fluoride Action Network


INTRODUCTION: Osteogenic effects of therapeutic fluoride have been reported; however, the impact of exposure to low level water fluoridation on bone density is not clear. We investigated the effect of long-term exposure to fluoridated water from growth to young adulthood on bone mineral density (BMD). METHODS: BMD was measured in 24 healthy women from Regina (fluoride 0.1 mg/L) and 33 from Saskatoon (fluoride 1.0 mg/L), with no differences between groups for height, weight, lifestyle or dietary factors. RESULTS: Saskatoon women had significantly higher mean BMD at total anterior-posterior lumbar spine (APS) and estimated volumetric 1.3 (VLS), with no difference at total body (TB) or proximal femur (PF). CONCLUSION: Exposure to water fluoridation during the growing years may have a positive impact on axial spine bone density in young women.