Fluoride Action Network


A rapid analytical procedure was investigated for measuring the fluoride content of deboned meat, using a specific ion electrode. The method involves a defatting procedure followed by chelation with EDTA before final solubilization and measurement. Fluoride content is determined by comparison to a standard curve on 2-cycle semi-logarithmic graph paper offluoride ion vs. millivolt readings. The method is applicable to hand and mechanically deboned pork, beef, and poultry within a range of from 0.7 to 25.0 ppm fluoride. Higher concentrations may be measured by analyzing additional standards and extending the curve into a third cycle. The curve is not linear below 0.7 ppm. Samples less than 0.7 ppm may be estimated by extrapolation. Studies with fortified samples indicate average recoveries of 92 +/- 4.2%. The standard deviation of duplicates within the laboratory is 0.5 ppm in the range stated above.