Fluoride Action Network


Objective. To evaluate the effect of acupuncture on endemic skeletal fluorosis (ESF) through the randomized controlled trial.

Methods. Ninety-nine cases were divided into the treatment group (68 cases) and the control group (31 cases) randomly. Normal acupuncture combined with electroacupuncture was used in treatment group, while Caltrate with vitamin D tablets were applied in control group. After 2 courses, the VAS, urinary fluoride, serum calcium, and serum phosphate were evaluated before and after treatment.

Results. Both of these two methods could relieve pain effectively and the effect of acupuncture was better (P < 0.05). In treatment group, the content of urinary fluoride after treatment was higher than before (P < 0.05), while the content of serum calcium and phosphate was lower (P < 0.05).

Conclusion. The effect of acupuncture on relieving pain and promoting discharge of urinary fluoride is better than that of western medicine. Acupuncture can reduce the content of serum calcium and phosphate.