Fluoride Action Network


Objective To study the effects of fluoride exposure on performance in water labyrinth and monoamine neurotransmitters of rats.

Methods Forty SD rats were divided randomly into 4 groups:control group,high-fluoride exposed group,medium-fluoride exposed group and low fluoride exposed group.These 4 groups of rats were exposed to different concentrations (0,5,10,20 mg/kg) of sodium fluoride (NaF) for 90 consecutive days,and their behaviors that they learned to perform a water labyrinth task and monoamine neurotransmitters(DA and 5-HT) levels were tested.

Results There were no significant difference in swimming duration among 0,5 and 10 mg/kg groups,while rats in 20 mg/kg group had notable more swimming time(P0.05),and DA level significantly decreased compared with the control group(P0.05),no significantly difference in 5-HT level were found among all groups.

Conclusion The results demonstrate that fluoride exposure may develop an adverse effect on the learning capacity of rats,this may be caused by monoamine neurotransmitters levels alteration.