Fluoride Action Network


The aim of this study was to evaluate the bond strength of three adhesive systems: Excite™, Adper Prompt L-Pop™ and AdheSE One™ to varying degrees of fluorotic enamel using micro-tensile bond strength (?TBS) tests. Human enamel was classified according to the Thylstrup and Fejerskov Index. The interface resin-enamel was observed using stereoscopic and electron microscopy. The Excite™, achieved the highest ?TBS when bonded to healthy enamel and decreased as the degree of fluorosis increased (p<0.05). The Prompt L-Pop™ improved the bonding on moderate and severe fluorosis. The ?TBS of the AdheSE One™, was significantly lower in all degrees of fluorotic enamel (p<0.05) indicating a very poor bonding ability to enamel. These results will provide clinicians with preliminary data to assist them in the selection of the most effective adhesive systems for treatment of fluorosis enamel, resulting in more successful restorative care.