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PURPOSE: To evaluate the clinical efficacy of carbarnide peroxide in-home tooth whitening for removal of stains caused by dental fluorosis. METHODS: One hundred and eight teeth,from 24 patients with diffuse opacities on the enamel surfaces due to effects of dental fluorosis, were assigned into mild, medium and heavy groups, and treated with carbarnide peroxide in-home tooth whitening. Before, immediately after bleaching and one year later, CMYK shade guide was used to record the change of color. Bleaching efficacy and course of treatment were calculated, and lightening stability was evaluated. The sensitivity of teeth was recorded during the treatment by Visual analogue scale (VAS).The results were analyzed with SPSS13.0 software package for X(2) text. RESULTS: (1)Mild group had 100% decoloring efficacy after one course. The decoloring efficacy in medium and heavy groups was 94.29% and 86.21%. There was no significant difference among three groups(P>0.05).(2)There was no significant difference on the treatment efficacy between the time of treatment completion and after one year in all three groups(P>0.05).(3) The tooth sensitivity appeared during the treatment and disappeared in 2 to 3 hours after divorced from medicine. The sensitive rate was 56.52%. CONCLUSION: The bleaching efficacy of carbarnide peroxide in-home tooth whitening on dental fluorosis’s stains is good, safe and can maintain a period of time.