Fluoride Action Network


The elimination half-life of fluoride is significantly increased in patients with chronic renal failure. This led us to conduct a study of variations of its plasma levels in 35 patients receiving dialysis treatment. In this population, there is a gaussian distribution of the values before and after the hemodialysis session, with a significant decrease in the averages. Furthermore, there is a highly significant correlation between fluoride levels before and after the dialysis session (P < 0.00001), and also between the amount of time in hemodialysis (in months) and the average fluoride level before dialysis (r = 0.624; P = 0.008). The presence of a group of patients consuming fluoride waters such as Vichy St-Yorre Water was easily identified by their excessive fluoride levels (above 100 micrograms/l), which could have a tendency to increase the risks of this group.