Fluoride Action Network


Fluoride has been considered to cause hepatic and renal tissue damages in animals and humans. The present study investigated the effect of varying concentrations of fluoride on hepatic and renal enzyme profile in domestic chicken (n= 80). Chickens were distributed into 4 groups. Group A was kept unexposed while group B, C and D were exposed to 10, 20 and 30 ug/g bod y weight of NaF respectively on weekly basis for four weeks. Alkaline p hosphatase (ALP), a spartate a minotransferase (AST), a lanine amino – t ransferase (ALT) and bilirubin were determined as indicators of liver function test (LFT), while uric acid was as a parameter for renal f unction test (RFT). All LFT and RFT parameters showed high values (P< 0.05) after one, two, three and four weeks in all groups. 579.4 ± 1.55, 355.0 ± 2.13, 246.2 ± 2.45 and 0.83 ± 1.46 were the ALP, AST, ALAT and bilirubin values for LFT and uric acid was 6.74 ± 2.92 in D group at the end of four weeks. All these results indicate the probability of severe effect on the physiology of the liver and kidneys in the exposed birds .