Fluoride Action Network


The fluoride content in parts per 1,000,000 of ash was estimated in 18 various bone samples from 14 patients with different forms of arthritis and from 1 patient who did not have arthritis, all of whom had ingested fluoridated water for a period ranging from three years and five months to four years and seven months. No excessively high concentrations of fluoride was found in any of these specimens.

From residents of a nonfluoridated area 15 various bone samples of 11 patients with different forms of arthritis and 2 patients who did not have arthritis were analyzed for fluoride content expressed in parts per 1,000,000 of ash. The fluoride concentration value in bone of the resident and nonresident fluoridated water areas was not statistically different.

A careful review of the radiograms of both these groups, along with the bone fluoride studies, fails to reveal any relation between various forms of arthritis and the ingestion of fluoridated water as recommended by the health authorities.