Fluoride Action Network


(1) A population sample in the town of Watford, Hertfordshire, has been examined clinically, radiologically, and serologically to determine the prevalence of chronic rheumatic diseases. A comparison has been made with a population sample in Leigh, Lancashire. The water supply in Watford had been fluoridated during the previous 5 years, whereas in Leigh the water contained only negligible amounts of fluoride.

(2) There was no increased prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthrosis, spondylitis, gout, or disk degeneration, and indeed, rheumatic complaints as a whole and incapacity due to rheumatism were significantly less in Watford than in Leigh.

(3) The prevalence of positive sheep cell agglutination titres and latex fixation titres in Watford was significantly lower than expected.

(4) There was a diminished prevalence of osteoporosis as judged from hand and cervical radiographs in the Watford females compared with those in Leigh, that in males being similar in each area.