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Previously by the time skeletal fluorosis among aluminum smelter workers due to high fluoride exposure was diagnosed numerous cases of bone fluorosis had already reached stages II and III according to Roholm. Today, as a result of improved working conditions and continuous health care, the picture has changed. This paper reports the frequency of occurrence of bone changes caused by fluoride in a population of 358 aluminum smelter workers who had been fluoride exposed for more than 5 years and whose diagnosis had not been made prior to 1971. In the examination, particular attention was paid to degenerative changes of the skeleton and the frequency of spondylosis, arthrosis of the hip and elbow joints as well as changes in the form of diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (spondylosis hypeostotica Forestier). A population of 81 foundry workers in aluminum smelters under similar working conditions, but not fluoride exposed, served as controls.