Fluoride Action Network


Goal: To investigate the effects of endemic fluoride poisoning caused by coal burning on the physical development and intellectual ability of children.

Method: Using random sampling from the relevant population, 176 fluorosis sufferers aged 7–12 (the subjects) were drawn from a heavily fluoride poisoned area of Zhijin County, with 50 children without dental fluorosis (the control) selected from a less severely poisoned area. The children were subjected to tests to determine levels of urinary fluoride, physical development, and intellectual ability, followed by analysis of the various measurements.

Results: Compared to the control group, the fluorosis group showed retarded physical development, and the levels of urinary fluoride and intellectual ability were both lower than the control (P < 0.05 for both).

Conclusion: high fluoride burden has a definite effect on the intellectual and physical development of children.

Translated by Julian Brooke for Fluoride Action Network and published with the permission of the Journal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics 2005;20(9):897-9 in the journal Fluoride.