Fluoride Action Network


An investigation was undertaken in six endemic villages of Mundargi taluk of Gadag district and two of Hungund taluk of Bagalkot district to assess the clinical symptoms of both dental and skeletal fluorosis and in turn to find out the severity of the disease. A check list developed with the help of available literature and in consultation with nutritionists was used to record clinical symptoms. Among the 832 subjects (532 and 300 from Mundargi and Hungund taluks respectively) surveyed 328 (61.65%) and 194 (64.67%) patients exhibited the symptoms of either dental or skeletal or both types of fluorosis. Browning of teeth was the most common symptom of dental fluorosis observed among subjects of Mundargi taluk (64.29%) followed by pain and pus in teeth (58.79%). Whereas, lack of lustre was the most common symptom of dental fluorosis in Hungund taluk (77.42%) followed by browning of teeth (54.84%). The skeletal symptoms including tingling and numbing of extremities, pain in back and bent stature were high among females of both the talukas whereas, shoulder pain and neck pain were also observed to a higher extent among females of Mundargi taluk.