Fluoride Action Network


The effect of fluoride exposure during gestation and post gestation periods were studied to check the status of oxidant, antioxidant and macromolecular changes in CNS and ameliorative role of antioxidants. The pregnant Wistar albino rats were exposed to 50 and 150 ppm fluoride in drinking water and the pups born to them were used for experimentation. After postpartum, the pups were administered daily selected antioxidants through oral gavage. On 21st postnatal day pups were sacrificed and biochemical parameters were assessed. Fluoride exposure substantially increased the activity/levels of fluoride, LPO, protein oxidation, MAO-B, GOT, GPT and decreased protein thiols, RNA and total proteins in discrete regions of CNS. The findings evidenced fluoride induced dyshomeostasis caused on antioxidants, enzymes, macromolecules and governed the pathophysiological events leading to functional loss in a dose dependent manner. The administration of antioxidants remedied the disquiet caused by high fluoride exposure at extreme vulnerable periods of life.