Fluoride Action Network


A study was made of an area of endemic fluorosis based on the relation between detection rate or incidence, classification and severity of skeletal fluorosis, and sex-age distribution. The results show that Minzhu Town of Longli County is a moderate and typical epidemic area of endemic fluorosis resulting from coal-burning pollution in Guizhou Province, China. Five features characterize skeletal fluorosis of the residents: (1) Osteosclerosis is significantly more prevalent than osteoporosis. (2) No mixed type of skeletal fluorosis and no osteomalacia were found in the subjects examined. (3) No cases with moderate or severe osteoporosis were found. (4) The severity of osteosclerosis in females was significantly milder than in males. (5) The rate of osteoporosis caused by fluoride in females showed no difference from that in males. These observations provide new parameters for assessing collective conditions of epidemic regions of endemic fluorosis resulting from coal-burning pollution.