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On the basis of 29 cases observed during 1948 to 1968, the author reports a disease termed periostitis deformans which was caused in alcoholics by sodium fluoride added to wine in concentrations of the order of 8 to 72 ppm. Four difference phases of the disease are described which are associated with osteosclerosis and osteoporosis. They lead to marked disability and may terminate fatatality.


Fluoric Arthropathies: Around joints, thick marginal osteophytes develop. In some instances, they grow to such an extent as to block joint movement (‘blocking arthrosis’). The joint block can also be induced by calcification of the periarticular ligament. The most common sites of articular involvement are the hips, the sacroiliac, elbow and knee joints. In older persons, the vetebral column is commonly affected. Advanced stages of the disease show atrophy and ulceration of joint cartilage.