Fluoride Action Network


Male albino mice were treated at 48-hr intervals with cypermethrin and sodium fluoride (NaF), separately and in combination, for 15 and 30 days with 1/10th of the single LD50 dosage of cypermethrin and NaF for individual administration by oral gavage (i.e., 8.5 mg/kg bw and 5.6 mg/kg bw, respectively) and 1/20th of the single dose of LD50 of cypermethrin and NaF for combined administration (i.e., 4.25 mg/kg bw and 2.8 mg/kg bw, respectively). Separate or combined treatment resulted in a significant (p<0.05) decrease in body, testis, and epididymis weights, along with histopathological changes in the testis, especially after 30 days. The changes were greater in combination than separately, possibly because of a synergistic effect of cypermethrin and NaF.