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Administration of sodium fluoride (NaF) in lower (15 mg/L) and higher (150 mg/L) doses through drinking water for 30 or 90 days in Swiss albino mice resulted in a decrease in the organo-somatic index (OSI) accompanied by a decline in the white pulp content of the spleen. The percentage of dead cells and decrease in white pulp content in the spleen were highest in mice exposed to the lower dose of fluoride (F) for 90 days. An elevated level of G0/G1 fraction of cells was noticed in mice exposed to the higher dose of F for 30 days as well as to the lower dose of F for 90 days, suggesting a G0/G1 blockage due either to inhibition of DNA synthesis or perturbation of synthesis of cyclin, a regulator of cell cycle. No trace of DNA damage was evident from the DNA fragmentation study in any treatment group.