Fluoride Action Network


The amount of fluoride (F) ion excreted in 24-hr urine of preschool children in Koohbanan, Iran, was measured. The total volume of urine over a 24-hr period of 26 healthy 4–5 yr-old children (14 boys and 12 girls with a mean body weight of 16 kg) was collected under carefully controlled conditions. From the F concentration in 1-mL samples, the total amount of F excreted during the 24-hr period was calculated. The amount of F ingested from food and water over the same period was determined by a checklist. The average amount of F ion in 24-hr urine of these children was 0.41 mg, and the total 24-hr F intake was 1.71 mg. The data indicate that the F intake in the Koohbanan preschool children is high, corresponding to 0.107 mg F/kg bw/day.