Fluoride Action Network


Fluoride emissions from an aluminum plant in New York State just west to the bridge to Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, are in compliance with New York State and U.S. Federal standards. Ambient air fluoride virtually never exceeds New York State standards. In a New York State dairy farm, downwind from the aluminum plant about 40% of the time and with the fields within 1300 to 2800 m from the plant, fluoride contamination of forage ranged from 13 to 25 ppm, well below the 40 ppm which is the “tolerance” level by National Academy of Sciences. Sixty-three of 82 dairy cattle on that farm were slaughtered in 1979 because of chronic fluoride poisoning. In the 19 cattle left on the farm in June, 1979, there was no dental fluorosis in calves less than 4 months of age, mild to moderate dental fluorosis in older calves and heifers and severe dental fluorosis in the 4 young adult cattle. Ash fluoride in a stillborn calf was 280 ppm and in the oldest cattle 2800; the increase was significantly correlated to age. It is concluded that New York State and U.S. Federal standards for fluoride emissions, New York State standards for ambient air fluoride and National Academy of Sciences “tolerance” levels for ingestion of fluoride do not protect cattle health.