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To study the effects of fluoride on cell growth, cell cycle and apoptosis in cultured osteoblasts of rats. The enzymes digesting method was used to isolate the osteoblasts of rats. The activity of the cells was determined by the percents of reduced AlamarBlue. FCM was used to analyze cell cycle and apoptosis. The results showed that the activity of rat osteoblast was not influenced by NaF at 0 to 2 mmol/L concentration after 24 hours incubation. At the concentration of 2 mmol/L, the number of cells at S phase was increased. At the concentration of 4 mmol/L, NaF increased the number of cells at S phase and at the same time, decreased the number of cells at G2/M phase, but the number of the cells at G0/G1 phase kept unchanged. The percent of apoptosis was increased at the concentration of 2 mmol/L. Excessive fluoride could affect the cell activity, retarded cell cycle at S phase and induced apoptosis.