Fluoride Action Network


X-ray examinations of 98 potroom workers at an aluminum refinery plant in China have been carried out to study skeletal disorders that might be related to f-exposure. The examinations included the pelvis, lumbar vertebrae, radius, ulna, tibia, and fibula. Changes in skeletal system, such as bone density and trabeculae structure, the appearance of osteophytes and exostosis, and the calcification of interosseous membranes and ligaments were assessed by two orthopedic surgeons with the double blind test. NO cases of typical skeletal fluorosis were found among the study group, but the appearance of lumbar vertebral osteophyte in the 45-54 year group, exposed to fluoride for more than 20 years, was significantly more frequent than that in the respective control groups No significant differences in other aspects of osteosclerosis between the F-exposed and the control groups were observed.