Fluoride Action Network


In order to investigate the relationship between fluoride (F) in drinking water and children’s intelligence quotient (IQ), 39 9–12-year-old children in West Azerbaijan, were selected and their IQ measured using the Iranian version of the RB Cattell test. The study cases were 19 children living in a high-drinking water F region (3.94 mg F/L), and the control group was 20 children in a low-drinking water F region (0.25 mg F/L). The results showed that, the mean IQ of children living in the high-drinking water F region was lower (81.21±16.17) than that of children in the low-drinking water F region (104.25±20.73, p=0.0004). There is a significant linear trend for children in the high-drinking water F region to have a lower IQ (p=0.0067)