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SUMMARY: In 1242 apparently healthy and actively employed workers of a Canadian aluminum facility, the history of musculoskeletal symptoms, of the incidence of fractures, of neck and back surgery, as well as the x-ray findings were reviewed. A highly significant relationship of exposure to fluoride was established with the frequency of back and neck surgery, fractures, symptoms of musculoskeletal disease and past history of diseases of bones and joints in the absence of the typical findings of skeletal fluorosis.

Monitoring exposed workers for the early manifestations of “musculoskeletal fluorosis” is recommended prior to the development of destructive and degenerative changes of the skeleton.


In “Indian basket weavers exposed to fluoride, it was observed that the much used left arm and wrist were particularly susceptible to fluorotic exostosis… [T]he areas suffering repeated or constant stress or trauma, and as a result requiring ongoing repair, may be areas of increased circulation and metabolism and, as a consequence, increased deposition of fluorides.