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BACKGROUND: Risk factors for osteosarcoma in young people were investigated in a population-based case-control study among residents of New York State, excluding New York City.

METHODS: Cases (n = 130) were diagnosed between 1978 and 1988 at < or = 24 years of age. Controls were randomly selected from birth certificates and were pair matched to cases on year of birth and sex. Exposure information was obtained by telephone interview with a subject and/or parent, and from birth certificates and school and medical records.

RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: A significant positive association was observed with height one year before diagnosis (P-value for trend = 0.02). No significant associations were observed between osteosarcoma and weight of body mass index one year before diagnosis, birth length, birthweight, gestational age, having reached puberty, having begun growth spurt, age at puberty, age growth spurt began, medical x-rays, antenatal exposures, family history of cancer, birth defects, or parental occupation.