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Oxidative stress a major cause of fluoride induced toxicity and mitochondrial impairment in common in experimental rats during chronic exposure of fluoride. Attempts have been made in the present experiment to diminish oxidative damage, combined therapy with (+)-catechin hydrate (an antioxidant) and sodium meta borate (chelator) were used. Fluoride intoxication in rats was performed by using 13mg/kg NaF and both antioxidant CH and chelator SMB were used at a concentration of 8.98?M/kg body weight. Mixture of CH and SMB in free or in PLGA nanocapsule encapsulated form were prepared. The efficacies of those formulations were tested in combating free radical mediated oxidative insult produced by sodium fluoride (NaF). The amalgamated therapy used in this experiment was shown to reduce fluoride levels in liver, brain and kidney from 9.5, 5.5, 6.3?g/g to 4.6, 2, 2.6?g/g, respectively. Our result indicated that the combined chelator and antioxidant therapy in nanocapsulated drug delivery system could provide a projection in combating fluoride induced mitochondrial impairment in rat model.