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The  protective  role  of  lovastatin  against  neurotoxicity  induced  by fluorosis was investigated by using primary hippocampal neurons. The cholesterol content,  activity  of  superoxide  dismutase   (SOD),  and  content  of  malondialdehyde (MDA)  were  measured  by  biochemical  assays.  The  cell  viability  was  assessed  by examining  the  rate  of  apoptosis  by  flow   cytometry.  The  results  showed  that  high fluoride inhibited activity of SOD and increased levels of MDA and apoptosis in the primary neurons. Interestingly, certain  dosages of lovastatin, without changing the cholesterol  level,  attenuated  these  neurotoxicities  resulting  from  high  exposure  to fluoride in the primary cultured neurons.  The results suggest that lovastatin may play a  protective  role  against  the  neurotoxicity  induced  by  an  excessive  amount  of fluoride.