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Sodium fluoride (NaF) toxicity on enzymatic and non-enzymatic oxidative stress markers of chicken liver, kidney and brain homogenate in in vitro condition where studied in present investigation. We studied alteration in the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), lipid peroxidation (LPO) and glutathione (GSH) content to study oxidative stress. Ameliorative effect of aqueous extract of black tea (AQBT) on NaF induced alteration was also studied. Six different dosages i.e. from 200 to 700 ?g/ml of NaF were selected by pilot experiments and used for present study. Each dose incubated in triplicate with homogenate of liver, kidney and brain of chicken at 37?C for four hours. After incubation, content of the tube was used for the analysis of oxidative stress parameters. Results revealed statistically significant alterations in these enzymatic and non-enzymatic parameters at all dosage. AQBT at different dosage viz., 200 to 500 ?g/ml shows statistically significant alleviation when incubate along with NaF (700 ?g/ml) for four hours. AQBT at 100 ?g/ml was also shown certain amelioration but it was not statistically significant. Therefore, it could be concluded that NaF can significantly produce oxidative stress in liver, kidney and brain of chicken in in vitro condition which can successfully alleviatedby AQBT.