Fluoride Action Network


EGb-761 is commonly used as a treatment for ischemic brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases and some types of tumors (Christen and Maixent, in Cell Mol Biol 48(6):601-611, 2002). However, it is unclear whether EGb-761 affects the proliferation of cells exposed to fluoride. In this study, the proliferation and apoptosis of PC-12 cells exposed to fluoride were investigated and EGb-761 was used to protect PC-12 cells against the effects of fluoride. We found that the canonical Wnt signaling pathway was involved in the anti-proliferation of PC-12 cells exposed to fluoride. Furthermore, the results also showed that EGb-761 could attenuate the anti-proliferative activity of fluoride via DDK1 in PC-12 cells. This study may provide a new method for protecting against the inhibition of cell proliferation induced by fluoride.