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OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the association between polymorphisms in DLX1, DLX2, MMP13, TIMP1 and TIMP2 genes with dental fluorosis (DF) phenotype.

DESIGN: Four hundred and eighty one subjects (108 with DF and 373 DF free) from 6 to 18 years of age were recruited. This population lived in Rio de Janeiro, a city with fluoridation of public water supplies. DF was assessed using the Dean?s index modified. Only erupted permanent teeth were assessed. Genetic polymorphisms in DLX1, DLX2, MMP13, TIMP1 and TIMP2 were analyzed by real-time PCR from genomic DNA. Association between DF, genotype, and allele distribution were evaluated using chi-square and logistic regression analyses with an alpha level of 5%.

RESULTS: DF was more prevalent in Afro-descendants than in Caucasians (p=0.08; OR=1.83; CI 95%=1.18-2.82). Logistic regression analysis adjusted by the ethnicity demonstrated a statistical difference for TIMP1 genotype (p=0.033; OR=2.93, 95%CI, 1.09-7.90). When only the severer cases of DF were analyzed, polymorphisms in DLX1 and DLX2 were associated with DF (p<0.05).

CONCLUSION: Our results provided evidence that polymorphisms in TIMP1, DLX1 and DLX2 genes may be associated with DF phenotypes.

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