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This study explored the influence of triclosan (TCS) in the absence and presence of sodium fluoride (NaF) on estrogenic activity and thyroid function of adolescent female rats. The results indicated that the individual exposure to TCS evoked a significant decline in T3 and T4 but the levels of estradiol, FSH, and LH were significantly elevated beside marked up regulation of calbindin-D9k and estrogen a mRNA expression. On the other hand, the single exposure to NaF causes insignificant changes in thyroid hormones, but evoked a trend toward an increase in both estradiol and LH levels. No significant differences in the TSH level were recorded among the experimental groups. The joint exposure to TCS and NaF induced a significant improvement in thyroid and reproductive hormone levels. Overall, these findings revealed that exposure to TCS resulted in significant endocrine and reproductive alterations in immature female rats, while TCS + NaF coexposure resulted in lessening most effects.