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OBJECTIVES: To report the long-term effect (18 years) of the Nexö-method, initially implemented in groups of children in Moscow in 1994.

METHODS: Three groups of children were included in the initial study in 1994. This study is a follow-up study of two of the three initial groups: a group of 6-year-olds (test group6 ; control group6 ) and a group of 11-year-olds (test group11 , control group11) , n = 50 individuals in each of the four subgroups. In 2012, >80% of the participants in the two groups (now aged 24 and 28 years old) were re-examined by the original examiner, who was blinded to which group the patients had belonged in the initial study. After re-examination, the participants were interviewed by a person not otherwise attached to the study. Finally, caries data were collected from 100 24-year-olds and 100 28-year-olds who attended the dental school (50%) and private clinic (50%) in Moscow (External control groups24,28 ). The outcome variables of the study were plaque and gingival status, and DMFT/S.

RESULTS: In 2012, the control groups24,28 displayed significantly higher plaque scores than the test groups24,28 (P-values < 0.05). No differences were seen regarding gingivitis scores (P-values > 0.41). Mean DMFT/S in 2012 was test group24 = 6.98/10.51, control group24 = 8.84/13.14 (P = 0.02/0.06). External control group24 = 8.89/15.86 (test24 versus external control group24 , P = 0.01/0.007; control24 versus external control group24 , P = 0.94/0.16). Test group28 = 6.74/10.83, control group28 = 8.70/14.48 (P = 0.02/0.008). External control group28 = 9.03/18.06 (test28 versus external control28 , P = 0.03/0.001; control28 versus external control28 , P = 0.68/0.07). The interview indicated that the participants in the test groups were more aware of factors that are considered important for control of caries than participants in the control groups.

CONCLUSIONS: The data from this group of Moscow citizens suggest a long-term positive effect of the Nexö-method implemented during childhood.