Fluoride Action Network


A number of epidemiological studies have reported that chronic exposure to high concentrations of fluoride not only causes dental and skeletal fluorosis but additionally affects serum levels of reproductive hormones. However, possible interaction between fluoride exposure and estrogen receptor alpha (ESR?) gene polymorphisms on sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and androgen binding protein (ABP) of male farmers has not been detailed. Here, we conducted a cross-sectional study including 348 male farmers with different fluoride exposure levels from drinking water in Henan province of China to explore effects of fluoride exposure and ESR? genetic variation on serum SHBG and ABP levels. We found serum SHBG levels in male farmers from the high exposure group to be lower than those of the low exposure group. We also found that concentrations of SHBG affected ABP levels. Furthermore, fluoride exposure and single nucleotide polymorphisms at the XbaI and rs3798577 loci of the ESR? gene affected serum ABP levels. Our findings suggest that chronic fluoride exposure from drinking water is associated with alterations of serum SHBG and ABP concentrations in local male farmers and that the effect of fluoride exposure on ABP levels vary depending on ESR? gene polymorphisms.