Fluoride Action Network


Objective: To perform a literature review regarding current dental fluorosis prevalence in Mexico reported from 2005 to 2015.

Materials and methods: A comprehensive scientific literature review, in both English and Spanish, was performed in four databases up to June 2015. Search terms: fluorosis or dental fluorosis (mesh), prevalence (mesh), distribution (mesh), cases (mesh), epidemiology (mesh), Mexico.

Results: 17 publications were included. Reported prevalence of dental fluorosis in Mexico ranged from 15.5 to 100%. Most of the studies were conducted in areas where water fluoride levels are low or optimal (?1.5ppmF) and in which a prevalence of 15.5 to 81.7% was observed. In areas with higher levels of naturally fluoridated water (>1.5ppmF), prevalence ranged from 92 to 100%. Fluorosis severity ranged from questionable to severe.

Conclusion: High prevalence of dental fluorosis was observed even in areas where fluoride concentration in water was low or optimal. In addition to fluoride in groundwater, there are multiple risk factors that should be controlled.