Fluoride Action Network


In China, fluoride pollution in soil is severe and poses a serious threat to human health and ecological security. However, how to control fluorine-contaminated soil has not received widespread attention. Here, we summarized fluorine speciation in soil and its main chemical reactions in water-soil system and reviewed the research progress on the remediation of fluorine-contaminated soils. Then, we proposed the focus of future research on fluorine-contaminated soil remediation. The aim of this review was providing the reference for the remediation of fluoride-contaminated soil. There are five forms of fluorine in soils, with the proportion of residual fluorine being over 90%. The reactions of fluorine in the soil solution mainly include precipitation-dissolution, complexation-dissociation, and adsorption-desorption. At present, the remediation technology of fluorine contaminated soil mainly focused on chemo-immobilization, chemical leaching, electrokinetic remediation, and phytoremediation. Clarifying the combined forms of fluorine in soil, screening functional microorganisms and plants, developing the combined remediation technology will be the focus of future research. Ultimately, on site fluorine-contaminated soil remediation could be implemented.