Fluoride Action Network


The coconut water in 15 coconuts bought in 7 cities in Iran was examined for various physico chemical properties (electrical conductivity [EC], total dissolved solids [TDS], turbidity, pH, and fluoride [F] concentration) and the risk associated with the intake of F from coconut water was estimated. The SPADNS Zirconium Lake method was applied for the determination of the F concentration. The results showed that coconut water has a significant F concentration, (mean = 3.401 mg/L, range = 2.680–4.160 mg/L). Significant correlations (Pearson) were found between the EC and TDS(0.980) and between the EC and turbidity (–0.525). The average F intake from the consumption of 350 and 700 mL of coconut water is about 15% and 30%, respectively, of the maximum acceptable daily intake of the fluoride of 0.1 mg/kg body weight/day. The fluoride intake from coconut water should be taken into account when calculating the dietary F intake.