Fluoride Action Network


In 26 adolescents between 13–15 years of age living in a region with increased fluoride concentration in drinking water (3 ppm = 3 mg NaF/l) bone density-measurements by an I-125 profile scanner as well as measurements of thyroid function by means of numerous in vitro tests (T3U, T4, FT4-Index, RIA-T3, rT3, hTg, TSH, thyroglobulin and microsomal thyroid antibodies) have been done. Comparing 19 adolescents of same age from a region with low fluoride concentration in the drinking water (0,1–0,2 ppm) the study showed no influence of fluoride content of drinking water on skeleton mineralization and on thyroid function. There was found only–not depending on fluoride concentration–an increased bone density in females that was interpreted as a physiological difference between males and females.