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1) Radiofluoride given by intraperitoneal injection was absorbed and distributed throughout fluid compartments of the rat. It was found in concentrations exceeding that of plasma in the skeleton and in the tail tendon. In all other soft tissues examined, concentration in tissue water was some fraction of plasma concentration. Tissue concentrations in nephrectomized animals were increased but the pattern of distribution was not changed. The skeleton sequestered the bulk of the radiofluoride which would have been excreted by the kidneys.

2) The radiofluoride content of tissues expressed in terms of chloride content of the tissues varied with the nature of the tissue. It was lowest in the brain, highest in skeletal muscle, and was increased in most tissues of nephrectomized animals. The soft tissue fluid compartment volumes are not the same for the 2 halogen anions fluoride and chloride.

— This study supported by grant from U.S.P.H.S.
— Author CH Carlson, U.S.P.H.S. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow.