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This study reports protective effect of Abelmoschus moschatus seed extract against sodium fluoride (NaF) induced alterations in behavior correlated with neurochemical changes in developing brain of rats. Excessive intake of fluoride during pregnancy cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) and cause adverse effects on neonatal development. As the BBB in fetuses, neonates and infants is immature, it cannot provide protection against the entries. The pregnant wistar rats were randomly categorized into six groups of five animals each. Group I is of control rats received normal tap water. Group II is NaF exposed group with 20 ppm (or 20 mgkg-1 body wt.) in their drinking water. Group III rats were treated with A. moschatus aqueous extract (AMAE) (300 mgkg-1 body wt./day/rat) along with NaF water (20 ppm). Group IV rats were treated with A. moschatus ethanolic extract (AMEE) (300 mgkg-1 body wt./day/rat) along with NaF water (20 ppm).Group V and VI rats were treated with AMAE (300 mgkg-1 body wt./day/rat), and AMEE (300 mgkg-1 body wt./day/rat) respectively. On 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st and 30th day (postpartum days), the pups were sacrificed to assess oxidative stress markers (LPO, CAT), and measured body weight, brain weight, BSI, and estimated protein content of brain tissue of all experimental groups. On post-natal day 21 and day 30 pups behavioral activity (rota rod, hot plate test) was measured. Fluoride exposure significantly increased lipid peroxidation and decreased the activity of catalase, and decreased body and brain weight, BSI and also protein content of the brain of pups indicating oxidative stress and inhibited antioxidant system and protein synthesis which were reverted on administration of AMAE and AMEE against NaF intoxication. The altered behavioral responses on NaF exposure were also reversed to that of control. Hence, this study proves the vulnerability of developing brain to fluoride toxicity during development and growth and protection offered by AMAE and AMEE towards neurotoxicity of NaF.