Fluoride Action Network



1. Thirty-nine pharmaceuticals prescribed by obstetricians and pediatricians were analyzed
for micro quantities of fluoride for this report,

2. Effect of ingestion of occult fluoride on cord blood and placenta is referred to,

3. Cause of “idiopathic opacities” of enamel and enamel hypoplasias occurring in fluoride free or “optimum supplied” water supplies is suggested.

Ingestion of fluorides for the partial prevention of dental caries has been suggested for some time, with stress laid on the fluoride content of potable water supplies and foods.1-5 Little or no reference has been made to ingestion of the element or its derivatives from other sources, particularly vitamin and mineral supplements prescribed by obstetricians during pregnancy and by pediatricians during infancy and childhood.

In our study,6 which has been under way for more than six years, we have encountered fluoride concentrations in cord blood and placental tissues from control cases which were unexp1ainably high7 because the patient had no known source of fluoride other than that usually found in the dietary, the water being fluoride free. This led us to do micro determinations of fluoride content of pharmaceuticals prescribed by the obstetricians treating the individual cases.