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Pregnancy and feto-gestational toxicities on exposure to fluoride and its possible amelioration on co-administration with aloe vera were studied in pregnant Swiss albino mice. Once the confirmed pregnancy was tested, animals were equally divided into four groups as follows: group I was given no treatment and served as control, and groups II and III were administered with 100 and 300 ppm sodium fluoride, respectively, while group IV was co- administered aloe vera (300 mg/kg bw) along with sodium fluoride (300 ppm) daily for 14 days prior to gestation and continued till the 18th day of gestation. Animals were sacrificed on the 19th day of gestation for prenatal observations. Maternal body weight, the gravid uterine weight, number of corpora lutea in both the ovaries, number of implantations and resorptions, number of live (mature and immature) fetuses, and number of dead fetuses were examined in each dam. The treatment continued in another set of animals till the completion of the weaning period to observe postnatal changes due to test substances on the mother and pups. Sodium fluoride–treated animals showed morphometric and skeletal changes which were more pronounced in the high-dose group showing significantly decreased body weight gain in pregnant mothers and dead/immature fetuses. Morphometric changes included open eyelids, limb defects, wrinkles on the whole body, anophthalmia, pulmonary edema, enlarged esophagus, and decreased body weight of fetuses and pups. Alizarin-prepared skeletal structures of fetuses of such female mice showed delayed ossification or bending in the number of bones of skull, thoracic, and limb regions. However, concomitant exposure to sodium fluoride and aloe vera in treated animals led to a marked improvement in all the prenatal and postnatal variables. The study suggests that sodium fluoride at high concentrations may be teratogenic while co-administration of aloe vera during fluoride exposure might be beneficial in reducing these toxic effects. The use of aloe vera as a preventive agent or as a complimentary agent is thus recommended following fluoride exposure through the oral route.

Keywords: Aloe vera; Ameliorative effect; Skeletal deformities; Sodium fluoride; Teratogenicity.

*Original abstract online at https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35460489/



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