Fluoride Action Network

National Action

The practice of water fluoridation cannot come to an end without action at the nation level. We're confident that the day will come when the federal government (whether it be the EPA, FDA, or Congress) will prohibit the addition of fluoride compounds into the public drinking water. It's not a question of if, but a question of when. With your help, we can answer this question with a resounding "NOW".

National Action

Act Locally

The Momentum necessary to create policy change at the national level can only be created by the spread of local and state fluoride-free campaigns throughout your country.  Join the movement, read the latest fluoride news from your country, and work locally and at the state-level to end fluoridation.  We will only win this battle if we work from the ground up, so start with the grassroots.

Increase FAN’s Support Base

Help FAN get the support of medical and scientific professionals from around the world by collecting signatures for our Professionals Statement against fluoridation.  Promote FAN on the world-wide-web by posting our banners on your websites, writing about us and linking to our website on social media sites or personal websites.

Increase National Awareness

Visit FAN’s “Action Alert” page to help campaigns throughout the country.  Sign our official petitions to end fluoridation in the United States / Canada / Australia.  You can also sign our national Petition calling for Walmart to end the sale of fluoridated Nursery Water, and our petition calling on formula manufacturers to print infant fluoride warnings on their packaging.

Send an email or letter to your Congressmen and urge them to end federal funding and promotion of water fluoridation.  Call your Congressman’s district office and schedule a meeting with their staff.  Let them know exactly why you want to speak with them and send an information packet at least several days before your meeting so they have time to consider your request and prepare an initial response.  You can also watch for electoral events, such as house parties, town hall events, and meet and greets, where your Congressman will be interacting with the public.  These are great opportunities to quickly bring up the issue of fluoridation with elected officials, and to ask them their position and person feelings about it.  It’s no use if you don’t remember what they said, so try to record the interaction if you can.

Getting national media exposure is the fastest way to build support and momentum for our campaign.  Contact national media outlets, TV talk shows, national blogs, and radio show, urging them to interview Dr. Paul Connett or another FAN expert about fluoridation.

Do you belong to a national nonprofit that deals with environmental, public health, or human rights issues?  Contact their management, let them know you’re a supporter and that you would like them to review water fluoridation and take a position in opposition to the practice.

Request that your local library carry important fluoride-free literature like “The Case Against Fluoride”, or “The Fluoride Deception”.  If you’re a college or graduate student, faculty, or live near a university, request that the administration host Dr. Connett as a speaker on the fluoridation issue.  While FAN doesn’t have the funds to fly Dr. Connett everywhere, college’s will generally set aside funding to host speakers like Dr. Connett.  Contact FAN if you would like to schedule a speaking engagement for one of our experts.

Share your story

If you or a loved one are victims of overexposure to fluoride, then your story can help us provide just how dangerous fluoridation can be, no matter where in the country it’s implemented.  Please share your story so that others can see clear proof of just how risky and damaging fluoridation can be.  Also, please take a moment to report your fluoride side effects to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Volunteer your Skills

We obviously love to hear from scientific and medical experts who oppose fluoridation and are willing to speak out against the practice.  But we also love to hear from supporters who have equally valuable skills that can help us build and improve our campaign.  If you have skills in graphic design, video editing and production, or translating foreign studies into English and vice versa (particularly Asian languages), then please contact FAN.

You can also help FAN by donating your time to filing Freedom of Information Requests for fluoridation information.  This information can include anything dealing with fluoridation including, communications between fluoridation lobbyists and legislators, to batch samples and cost estimates for municipal fluoridation programs.  Send us what you find and we will have experts review the materials and share them with our entire network, making sure you get credit and our appreciation for the find.

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