Sulfuryl Fluoride - ProFume - CAS No. 2699-79-8
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Pesticide CAS No. Name of product Manufacturer / Distributor Material Safety Data Sheet / Label
Sulfuryl fluoride 2699-79-8 ProFume® Gas Fumigant Dow AgroSciences MSDS

(Aug 2005.
EPA accepted 7/15/05; NY accepted 11/28/05; Not yet accepted in CA)

(Feb 2004.
EPA accepted 1/26/04; CA accepted 5/18/05; Not yet accepted in NY.)

2005. Container Label and Applicator Manual for ProFume® gas fumigant

Label - (UK)

2005 Warning:

November 9, 2005

PCT Online (Pest Control Technology)

Forty-Eight States Accept New ProFume Label
INDIANAPOLIS – Forty-eight states have registered the new food processing product label for ProFume® gas fumigant; registrations are pending in California and New York.

This new label complements the milling label currently accepted for use in most states, including California. The states’ registrations of the new label mean that more market segments can start using and enjoying the benefits of ProFume for control of stored product pests.

Developed by Dow AgroSciences LLC in response to industry requests for help in meeting their pest control needs, ProFume can now be used for food processing facilities, pet food facilities, warehouses, shipping containers and more. For a complete listing of sites and commodities, consult the new product label found at

“The new label has opened doors across the country for more millers and food processors to start using ProFume,” said Drew Ratterman, marketing specialist, Dow AgroSciences LLC. “These important state registrations came just in time for millers and processors to incorporate ProFume into their existing fumigation schedules for 2005.”

In addition to mills from California to Virginia, the first jobs performed under the new label included a pet food facility, a pasta mill and one of the world’s largest bakeries. These millers and processors were able to experience the effective, reliable control of stored product pests as well as the unprecedented flexibility that ProFume® gas fumigant brings to the table through the use of Precision Fumigation™ tools and techniques. By creating a unique fumigation blueprint for each job, it is possible to customize the fumigation process to alleviate some of the downtime issues traditionally associated with fumigation.

The new label –with an expanded list of uses– was accepted by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on July 15, 2005. ProFume gas fumigant is recognized as a replacement for methyl bromide, with tolerances for dried fruits, tree nuts, cereals/small grains and small grain processed products. Users have praised ProFume for its effectiveness, the fact that it does not form off-odors or flavors and that it does not deplete the ozone layer.

ProFume is available from trained, professional fumigators. Outside the United States, ProFume is registered for use in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Belgium. For more information about ProFume® gas fumigant and Precision Fumigation, or to find a

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