While searching for the name of an expert scientist who helped set up the Cochrane Collaboration (Sir Iain Chalmers), I found myself watching again the videotape (Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation) that Michael Connett produced and edited in 2008. It was his swan song before going to Law School.

Even though this video is 13 years old I was struck by how well the material stands up today, particularly what several experts (Phyllis Mullenix, Bob Isaacson, Vyvyan Howard, Kathleen Thiessen, and yes, even me!) had to say about the early studies on fluoride’s neurotoxicity.

I urge all our supporters – especially those who have joined us since 2017, when the first of the US government studies on neurotoxicity was published -to take a first or second look at this video and share it with people you know who are still denying the science on this issue and believe that opposition to fluoridation is not science-based.

This video makes it clear that for many years important scientists have opposed fluoridation using very clear, rational, scientific and ethical arguments. It is insulting for fluoridation proponents to pretend otherwise, but it fits well into their modus operandi of attacking the messenger rather than deal with the message.

This video includes interviews with a Nobel Laureate (Arvid Carlsson), three co-authors of the landmark National Research Council review of 2006 (Drs. Kathleen Thiesen, Hardy Limeback and Bob Isaacson), two former scientists from the EPA (Drs. Bill Hirzy and Bob Carton), Dr. Phiylis Mullenix (author of a landmark study on animal neurotoxicity in1995) Sir Iain Chalmers, Lord Baldwin, Professor Vyvyan Howard (an infant and fetal pathologist), prominent dentists (Drs. Bill Osmunson and Hardy Limeback) and several environmentalists and myself.

The video underlines FAN’s long history of pursuing the science on this issue and finding ways to communicate that science simply and clearly to both the public and decision-makers. With your help we will continue to do this.


Fundraiser Update

Before we get to the “FAN’s most important video,” here is an update on our fundraising.

Yesterday was another excellent day in our very daunting but important task of trying to raise $150,000 from 1500 donors in order to fund next year’s crucial effort to win our TSCA lawsuit and use that win to end fluoridation in the USA and worldwide. We ended Dec 27 on $85,852 from 670 donors. Which meant that yesterday we added over $10,000 and 44 donations to our totals. 

So how did we do that? 

Our totals included 8 at $5, 16 at $10, 7 at $25, a recurring donation at $25 a month, which totalled $300, several large donations, a milestone bonus of $1300 at the 650 donor mark and of course, thanks to a magnificent benefactor everything was doubled!  It all adds up; every donation counts in this team effort.

This doubling will continue today (until we reach $95,000) and beckoning us forward are more milestone bonuses at the 700 and 750 donor milestones. So we will receive

 $1400 if and when we add another 30 donors, and

 $1500 if and when we add another 50 after that.

Don’t forget small donations are really important for milestone bonuses and large donations are tax deductible. 

So once again the challenge we pass on to all our wonderful supporters is to get your friends, colleagues, and family members to make small donations (say $10, or perhaps donate $5 in the name of each child or grandchild) towards FAN’s important mission.

How to Make a Tax-Deductible Donation

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  • If you should experience difficulty in donating online please email: Ellen@fluoridealert.org
  • Or by Check, payable to the Fluoride Action Network. Mail your check to:

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Thank you,

Paul Connett
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