Mayor Pat Fule intends for Strathmore to have a bigger say in decisions that affect local residents, yet are largely out of their control.

A prime example of such a discussion is the argument for the presence of fluoride in Calgary’s water, which would also result in fluoride being in Strathmore’s water.

“The fluoridation of water from Calgary is definitely on my radar. I’m interested in it and I need to learn more,” said Fule.

“I’m not sure when exactly it’s coming before their council. I know they just had their last meeting a couple days ago and I didn’t see anything on their agenda and didn’t hear anything in the news reports.”

He added that he wishes to do a lot more reading about the topic, as he did not want to claim expertise where he is not. Additionally, Fule intends to engage more with Calgary’s council and the Calgary Metropolitan Review Board (CMRB) post municipal election.

“If I’m reelected, I can reach out to the new mayor [of Calgary] and I know some of the councilors now from my work with the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board,” he said.

“The one interesting thing that is, I think important is Strathmore right now is currently a member of the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board and any kind of developments or issues that are important to the whole region [and] the municipalities around Calgary is brought before the board.”

Though Strathmore’s own council has not engaged in many discussions regarding fluoride in local water, Fule also made a point to recognize that feelings on the matter are very dynamic.