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Hazmat crews called to Royston chemical incident involving 1,200 litres of hydrofluoric acid

Source: Royston Crow | October 19th, 2017 | By Bianca Wild
Location: United Kingdom, England
Industry type: Chemical Industry

Firefighters responded to a report of smoke issuing from an acid room containing 1,200 litres of hydrofluoric acid at 7.30pm at an engineering plant in Orchard Road.

Two crews from Royston, two from Stevenage, one from Baldock & Letchworth and the Decontamination and Environmental Protection Unit from Hemel Hempstead all attended.

Firefighters wore hazmat suits – worn as protection against hazardous materials – and had to be decontaminated afterwards.

The chemicals were all contained and the incident was over by 9.43pm, a fire service spokesman has confirmed.

*Original article online at http://www.royston-crow.co.uk/news/hazmat-crews-tackle-royston-chemical-spill-involving-1-200-litres-of-hydrochloric-acid-1-5243031