Fluoride Action Network

Letter: Let’s re-open debate on fluoride in our taps

Source: Irish Independent | Jacobs Island, Cork
Posted on June 2nd, 2011
Location: Ireland

So yet another pre-election promise has been broken. This time a last-minute promise proposed at the 11th hour by the Labour Party in an attempt to sway voters: water charges.

We are supposed to be convinced that these charges will ‘create jobs’ like those that will ‘result’ from raiding people’s private pension funds.

Seeing as up to a million households will now be compelled to pay for such a privilege, should these customers not be allowed to decide the content of the product they are purchasing — would we like pure, clean water or water that contains the waste by-product fluoride?

Surely the time is right to reignite the fluoride debate — starting with Health Minister James Reilly.