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New York’s Fluoridation Control

American Journal of Public Health | page 702 | June 1951
Posted on June 1st, 1951
Location: United States, New York

According to the March, 1951, issue of the New York State Health News, the New York State Department of Health has recommended that cities and villages fluoridate their potable water supplies; subject however to the ability of the municipalities to provide adequate control measures in accordance with requirements set forth by the department. A digest of these requirements follows:

Approval of the State Commissioner of Health is required before compounds can be added and the state must be satisfied that adequate control will be carried out. The owner or operator of the water supply is responsible for the provision of accurate feeding equipment. Accuracy of dosage within 10 per cent is required. Special precautions must be taken to protect the operator from inhaling dust containing fluorine compounds and operators must be provided with individual respirators and rubber gloves.

The treatment process must be so controlled that the maximum concentration of fluorine in the treated water does not exceed 1.5 p.p.m. at any time. The health officer having jurisdiction has been designated as the person to supervise the concentration of fluorine in the treated water. He must arrange for the collection of samples and for the chemical analyses in a laboratory approved for this purpose by the Commissioner. The owner or operator is responsible for the collection and testing of the samples as often as the Commissioner of- Health prescribes. Accurate daily records must be kept on forms supplied by or approved by the State Commissioner of Health and must be submitted monthly.

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