Fluoride Action Network

New Visitors

An introduction to the fluoride debate.


In this section of the FAN website, we’re aiming to provide easy-to-understand information for those new to the fluoride issue. The pages in this section include:

  1. Video Summary: A video summarizing ten basic facts about fluoride. If you are more of a visual or audio learner, this is a good place to begin.
  2. Fluoride & Teeth: A short, simple introduction to how fluoride affects teeth.
  3. Fluoride’s Health Effects: A short, simple introduction to how fluoride affects overall health.
  4. How to Reduce Your Fluoride Intake: FAN’s quick tips for how to reduce your fluoride exposure.
  5. Brochures/Flyers: If you’re looking for a summary of the fluoridation issue that you can print out and hand to others, this is the page for you.
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