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The momentum is growing in the fluoride-free movement with more communities ending fluoridation, more legislators introducing anti-fluoride legislation, more communities debating the issue, more media covering it, and more local fluoride-free organizations and campaigns being launched each week. Help make history, join FAN's growing campaign to end fluoridation.

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Stay informed

It’s easy to keep up to date with the latest fluoride news, science, studies, and campaign alerts.  Just sign up to receive FAN’s email bulletins.  What we won’t do is share your email address with anyone or fill your inbox with unnecessary emails.  What we will do is keep you informed and give you opportunities help influence fluoride policy in your area and throughout the world.

Connect online

More and more people are using social media to connect with other fluoride-free campaigners, initiate local campaigns, share information and resources, and receive the latest news and advocacy updates.  You can friend FAN on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates featuring the latest fluoride films and videos.

Sign our petitions

Lend your support and name to our campaign to end fluoridation.  Petitions are a great way to get the attention of decision-makers, community and business leaders, and the media.  FAN has several permanent petitions including petitions to End Fluoridation in the United States, and our Professional’s Statement to End Fluoridation.  We are also constantly promoting international, national, regional, and local fluoride petition campaigns as they arise.

Join a local campaign

Use FAN’s regional contacts list to locate an organizer or check FAN’s World Alliance to End Fluoridation to see if there are already existing campaigns to join in your state or region.  Our coordinators can provide you with detailed information about local fluoride action and help you get involved with ongoing efforts to end fluoridation.  Another way to search for local campaigns is to use Google to search for “fluoride campaign (insert your town/state)”.  If a local group has a website or Facebook page, you should be able to locate it quickly.  When you contact our coordinators or a group, make sure to provide your contact information and any professional qualifications you have that could be helpful to the campaign.

Volunteer to be a FAN regional contact

If you find that a local campaign or FAN coordinator does not already exist in your region, and you would like to volunteer to be a FAN regional contact and start a local or regional campaign, then please contact FAN.  FAN’s Campaign Manager or an existing regional contact will contact you to help get things started.

Express your views with FAN gear

Share you opposition to fluoridation everywhere you go by shopping at FAN’s online store, where you can purchase t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, and much more.  Our gear is designed to help you send a message to the world that it’s time to end fluoridation.

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